Information for Developers and Designers


The design of a website created with Textrinum is determined by the template. Here are the typical tools such as CSS and JavaScript are used. There is not much to note except that the placeholder for the changing content, navigation trees, page titles and meta information are set correctly and with the meta.xml.php match. The placeholder names can be edited from the Properties column in the Templates tab . The supplied default template is a good start. Informations on the folder structure can be found here.


To manipulate the output of a site, there are three global variables and one global object available. These can be raised and handled by plugins.

A few sample plugins are here. The structure of a plugin and its possible application points are described here.

Global variables

  • $site
  • $page
  • $template
  • $textrinum - instance of the class Textrinum (_sitedata/classes/Textrinum.class.php) - will be soon documented


Feedback on the use, expansions of the API and Improvements is urgently required.