Textrinum Features

  • Textrinum has a powerful WYSIWYG editor for easy input and structuring of texts and images
  • It has a familiar operating concept with optimum use of space in the browser
  • A built-in translator for multilingual websites
  • Thoughtful dialogues with drag and drop support where appropriate
  • Unlimited language support (UTF-8)
  • Data and configuration are kept in XML files (requires no database, easy securable / copy)
  • Alias / symlink capable (one installation of the management program for as many websites and users per server)
  • Multiuser capable
  • CSS-Editor
  • Template-Editor (WYSIWYG)
  • XML-RPC server / client (upload / download to / from the poss. live system or mirror)


Left side: The page structure; right side: Editing a content block
The image browser

Options on linking
Left side: Template-Settings; right side: WYSIWYG-Editor for the Page-Template